Elevacion: Helicopter Emergency Response Solutions

SSDS Risk Management is pleased to announce its latest partnership in the pursuit of providing an unequaled range of risk management & emergency response services. SSDS Risk Management & Elevacion have entered into a MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] benefiting both companies by combining their unique capabilities and extensive global experience to form a partnership unparalleled in providing emergency response.

Elevacion is a global company that provides helicopter emergency response, within a number of fields, to include the oil & gas sectors, UN & NGO sectors, security, medical and fire & rescue. Elevacion's main area of expertise is developing new products and services which enable the rapid deployment of self-supporting, multi-mission capable helicopters to anywhere in the world at short notice.

Elevacion provides an innovative turn-key solution for emerging and challenging countries. The company operates with internationally recognized & experienced partners to provide the highest level of emergency response, taking helicopter deployment to a higher level of efficiency in order to benefit companies & organizations who are operating in the most demanding environments.

Elevacion Ltd.
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