Electronic Security

The use of sophisticated technological surveillance and security solutions is now imperative in providing a secure and safer working environment in today’s world. The use of electronic security has increased dramatically in recent years covering all three sectors, government, private and commercial operations and businesses. Electronic security systems are vital to secure your personnel, assets and facilities and to provide backup footage for security auditing purposes and undisputed evidence in the event of a criminal investigation. SSDS consultants provide the operational experience, technical knowledge and specific skills to enable us to provide a comprehensive range of effective electronic surveillance and security solutions.

  • Most local authorities now operate CCTV. The systems are generally effective in both cutting and detecting crime. In addition to the thousands of CCTV cameras that monitor the streets today, law enforcement uses CCTV to record commercial investigations and disciplinary hearings. Hundreds of cameras have been installed in buildings such as hotels and offices, monitoring corridors and entrances, to secure security of the guests, employees and of the property. Building sites are monitored 24-7. This is done not only to make sure that all property is protected, but also to keep an eye on the progress that's being made and keep a log of who visits the site. Typical security data might be kept for only 30 days, but footage of the project development might be kept for years to protect everyone's interests and In today's litigious society, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls not only need to protect themselves from shoplifting and vandalism. They need to protect themselves against false health and safety claims the list of why we need electronic security is endless.
  • Through an initial consultation our consultants can visit your offices, facilities, compounds and residencies and conduct a complete risk assessment on your electronic security systems if any, and if necessary provide recommendations that will enhance your security.
  • If an electronic security system already exists we can assess your existing system and enhance your security through completely up-grading your electronic systems or partial interface with your existing system.
  • If there is no electronic system in place and through the recommendations of our consultants and your requirements, SSDS will plan design and implement a completely new sophisticated effective electronic system. SSDS systems combine internal and external surveillance and detection equipment and if required advanced communication and video/audio gathering systems along with revised security procedures.
  • SSDS consultants have the capability to provide Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
    (TSCM) to Embassies, the international commercial sectors and high profile individuals. The techniques adopted by SSDS consultants will identify the presence and locate any form of surveillance you could be under such as transmitting or listening devices along with identifying areas of potential information and security weaknesses.
  • SSDS provide an independent procurement service and can provide advanced sophisticated electronic surveillance and security equipment, sophisticated communication equipment and video/audio CCTV systems.