Static Guard Force

Over resent years it has become a disturbing reality the need for government buildings, embassies, operational compounds, including sea & airports, NGO, international corporation businesses, oil & gas installations & operations to protect their facilities and assets by the implementation of a static guard force.

The disturbing reality is the world today is unpredictable and continuously changing, in recent years and months the world has seen a number of governments ousted, government policy changes, political developments and military intervention. These changes have accrued in countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia which has resulted in an upsurge in political and non-political attacks from terrorist and organized criminal groups throughout the world.

This continuous situation has shown how vulnerable and unprepared your business or operation can be without Risk Management. The media provide daily news on security situations globally mainly resulting in loss of profitability, assets and in some incidences personnel being injured all due to inadequate security policies and procedures.

The implementation of SSDS security working in unison with your management teams implementing defensive protective security to your business facilities and international operations will dramatically minimize, control or eradicate any areas of risk or possible security breach.

SSDS has the ability to provide you with a highly trained effective guard force to protect your facilities, offices and assets. SSDS static guards are trained in subjects but not limited to: Security awareness, Electronic & Technical surveillance systems, Access control, Medical training, Communications, self-defence and emergency procedures. This level of training enables our static guard force to provide the highest level of defensive security.