Risk & Threat Assessments & Analysis

In a rapidly changing world HSE Security, in fact Risk Management in general is at the forefront of all international businesses, the more secure and willingness to provide the support required in the country and location you wish do conduct your business, and the overall ability to address all the vulnerable areas gives a strong message that your company/organisation operates within international standards providing a professional service weather your business is commercial such as construction or media, private or governmental.

Across the board in all areas of business you will be vulnerable to significant levels of risk from HSE issues, ssecurity problems and in some countries as witnessed today political risk. If potential risks are not correctly addressed, the consequences can be problematic, costly financially and sometimes disastrous, risk assessments/audits and analysis of your business, business assets, facilities provide the information required along with detailed recommendation on minimising or mitigating any vulnerable areas found and highlighted for correction.

SSDS consultants combine extensive experience with an innovative approach to risk management. Depending on your business and the type of assessment or audit being carried out, Attention to every detail is taken in evaluating all the risks associated with your business and its location. This process takes into account the immediate environment and if necessary the political stability of the country, health risks, crime, Emergency resources, environmental dangers, security/HSE of the facilities, medical accessibility, financial issues etc, taking every step possible to provide you with the necessary information that will allow your business to make the right decisions when establishing itself or upgrading your policy and procedures. Our services do not end there, if requested we commit 100% to constantly evaluating and monitoring your system and provide recommendations if and when required.