Residential Security

Royalty, presidents, diplomats, corporate executives and successful businessmen, high-net-worth individuals, and celebrities are all in positions that attract attention from the public eye thus providing the perfect target for criminal organizations or terrorist groups looking to finance their activities or for political & media attention.

Criminal organizations and sometimes individuals finance their activities through criminal acts that range from armed robbery, smuggling (Weapons, Drugs, People), and express or targeted kidnapping for ransom.

These organizations can target you in areas of your life you would not normally predict or expect. You or any member of your family could become a target, in reality anyone who is close to you or associated with you can become a target form criminal or terrorist organisations without your knowledge.

Unforeseen circumstances and the implications of having inadequate security for yourself and your family can be problematic at best and opens a window of opportunity to any person or group wishing to cause you physical or financial harm, or damage your business reputation.

SSDS have the experience to protect your residence or residences by the implementation of a residence security team (RST). The RST is a static security detail whose main objective is the complete security of the residence using a verity of security procedures. Depending on your requirements and our recommendations these procedures could include access control, guard force, and electronic security & communication systems.

Again depending on the size of the residence being secured and your requirements the RST can vary in size from one security specialist to a full team if you require security at multiple venues. SSDS can deploy the teams required to meet your specific requirements globally and at short notice. Our RST specialists are highly trained in crisis management and all high risk security procedures and can either work independently providing the necessary security measures required or if the situation applies in unison with your close protection team.