SSDS is a British privately owned Risk Management Company with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and a new regional office in Nairobi/Kenya East Africa. SSDS was originally established by Security and Safety specialists with extensive operational experience worldwide including The Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia.

The role of risk management within international companies in developing and post-conflict reconstruction is an essential complement to the stability & work of redevelopment to a post conflict region. However, if policy - decision makers are to secure the maximum benefits from private and international investment, they need to understand how different companies view opportunity and risk management in volatile & unstable environments, and find ways to assess their requirements in conflict & post-conflict settings to ensure safety to personnel & assets without endangering life, assets and company reputation.

Security risks affect different companies in different ways. Petroleum companies represent expensive fixed assets, and their protection is of strategic importance both to the companies themselves and—in most cases—to the host government, hence risk management in a post conflict environment ( Iraq/Libya/Yemen/Nigeria/Sudan /Somalia to name a few) is significantly different to a stable environment with emphasis on protection & contingency planning.

Specific companies with extensive experience in post conflict environments such as Iraq combine different applications to form a risk management system specific to a project or operation thus ensuring a cordon of protective and defensive security around the project with security & medical contingency evacuation plans in place in the event of any emergency.

Unlike in a stable environment risk management in a post conflict environment is implemented in a militaristic manor with the risk management providers involved from the initial planning stages of any project or operation by completing and in-depth analysis of the project requirements then combining the analysis recommendations with a comprehensive range of tested effective solutions.

As security issues worldwide continue to increase dramatically and especially in recent years, Governments, organisations and international companies covering all sectors are realising the need for integrated sophisticated pre-emptive security solutions and crisis management systems. They are constantly searching for the right organisations or company with the professionalism, experience and expertise to deliver the required services. SSDS has the ability to design sophisticated specific-to-task security solutions including integrated safety systems protecting and sustaining your businesses, operations, personnel, assets and profitability through risk & crisis management planning.

Through a combination of our International security specialists and their extensive experience in different geographical locations along with our innovative approach to risk management we recognise and understand the strategic risks facing Governments, International agencies and International corporations. In today’s world risk can appear in a variety of forms that can be complex and continuously evolving with very few situations ever the same. SSDS recognise this through intelligence gathering and monitoring worldwide situations allowing us to provide a realistic and comprehensive range of risk management solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our clients.

SSDS was established with one purpose in mind and that is to provide you with a realistic choice. As an organisation, company or individual you cannot afford to ignore the extreme security problems escalating around the world today; this could potentially affect your businesses or operations with the possibility of disastrous consequences. Alternatively, you can choose to invest in your future by joining with SSDS allowing our integrated solutions to support your businesses or operations.

The international community must all bear in mind as we progress, devise and implement new methodology and measures to monitor, suppress or eradicate potential threats to our facilities and personnel, the category that lists insurgent groups criminal gangs etc are mainly fronted by educated people with the same passion to find weaknesses and explore them to create as much instability as possible.

Risk management is the backbone of every project/operation operating in a challenging or conflict region, to compromise on risk management could lead to a potential disaster to the project your facilities or your personnel seriously affecting your company reputation.

SSDS provides an extensive range of pre-emptive and responsive security and crisis management measures to help mitigate geopolitical upheaval, civil unrest and to counter fraud, corruption, terrorism and organised crime covering three key sectors: (Government – Private – Commercial ).

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