HSE Statement

SSDS is committed to protecting and promoting health and safety of its practices, Employees and assets. Safety is an integral part of the company’s operations and is there as a guide line to protect our employees, our property, our clients, the environment and the public, by ensuring that we follow safety standards that meet and exceed those of all governing regulations. SSDS supports and adheres to the guiding principles that promote safe working practices as developed by the relevant industry segment.

The Managing Director, Office / BASE Manager are responsible for identifying safety needs, supplying safety equipment and documentation, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and accidents and providing appropriate training. All SSDS personnel are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the safety program, obeying all safety rules, following safe working practices were possible and participating in safety training programs when applicable.

It is SSDS policy to prevent damage and minimise environmental impact as much as possible. Specifically, SSDS will strive to:

i. Always exercise due diligence in protecting the environment.
ii. Abide by all governing regulations, environmental laws in the country of operation.