Country Intelligence

When operating in developing countries and challenging environments your business or operation depends on daily information and in country intelligence to upgrade your crisis management plan and to keep your personnel, facilities and assets safe and secure.

Not being prepared for those unforeseen circumstances can have a diverse affect on your immediate or long term plans and cripple your project before you realize it. A business or organization prepared for the unexpected especially in unfamiliar or remote environments will always have a significant edge that could mean the difference between being successful in your business or project or encounter no end of problems causing delays, financial issues, production issues the list can go on & on.

SSDS utilizes a network of sources established over time within the foreign embassy structure that enables SSDS to provide focused, accurate and precise commercially relevant in-country intelligence.

We recommend having this system in place is vital in insuring your business or operational stability wherever your businesses or operations are located. Our research and intelligence consultants provide defined and focused intelligence reports that will give you the ability and knowledge to be flexible and confident when making those sometimes difficult business or operational decisions.