It is essential to be fully prepared for those unexpected situations and emergencies. When operating in countries with limited resources and emergency response services in is imperative your business or operation be fully equip and trained to handle medical emergencies and security situations until assistances arrives.

Through the increasing requirement internationally for high-grade tactical, security and emergency equipment SSDS provide through our established network of contacts and associations a range of operationally proven tactical, armored, medical and security equipment.

  • Armoured and non-armored 4x4’ rough terrain vehicles.
  • Body armor protection / full range of ballistic capabilities.
  • Personal – Vehicle-Static GPS and communication equipment.
  • Personal security protection and restraint equipment.
  • Tactical fire resistant and waterproof clothing and equipment.
  • Emergency equipment and complete medical trauma packs.

SSDS security specialists are extensively experienced in the use of tactical and security equipment and only recommend and provide the highest level of equipment operationally proven. Through an initial consultation SSDS consultants can review your specific operational requirements and if required make recommendations ensuring you receive the most advanced specific-to-task equipment available worldwide.

SSDS is not limited to the range of equipment that is listed.

For further information and details on the equipment available and your equipment requirements please contact SSDS for a one to one consultation.