Private Airline Security

SSDS Airline security Service promotes confidence in private aviation through the effective deployment of specially trained security specialists to detect, deter, control and when required defeat aggressive or hostile acts targeting air carriers, airports, passengers, and crews.

Airline security agents are highly trained professionals who are called upon for many different issues and not just for security reasons, SSDS airline security agents are trained in all levels of airline security and counter terrorism, self defence systems, and first aid, along with advisory and mediation for those difficult or first time flyers.
Airline security is in increasing demand due to the increased aviation threat over the last ten years and especially post 9/11. South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe the US and the UK have all been the recipient of a terrorist attack, high-jacking or indirect threat over recent years forcing the airlines to take pre-emptive action by implementing airline security specialists.

SSDS airline security agents are trained to operate within the airline security team or operate independently without backup; they blend in with passengers and rely on their training, and are assigned to flights using a scheduling system based on security intelligence and other factors such as destination of the flight and scheduled stops. SSDS security agents utilize the airlines ground security teams investigative techniques and their own personal training in criminal terrorist behaviour recognition, aircraft specific tactics, and close quarters self-defence measures to protect the flying public where required.

Further information on this service is available at request only.

Commercial & Private Airline Security