Asset Security

SSDS security specialists have a wealth of experience in the field of asset protection through being operational commercially and in challenging and conflict environments where in some countries there is still civil unrest or law and order is in turmoil and organised crime has become a daily routine.

Criminal organisations have become increasingly less predictable, The implications of not being prepared for unforeseen situations by having inadequate security could see your businesses or operation being the recipient of fraud, robbery or even a well planed attack on your facilities your assets in general resulting in the paschal or complete loss of equipment causing significant financial loss or even bankruptcy.

It is irrelevant the country you are conducting your business in your company or operational assets are of the utmost importance. SSDS security specialists can prepare risk assessments and provide detailed reports that will identify areas of risk and vulnerabilities in your business facilities or operational base. Our report will also take into account physical assets, high value equipment on static locations, high value equipment and items being transited from your facility.

SSDS security specialists will provide recommendations to you and then together covering your requirements, plan design and implement sophisticated pre-emptive security procedures that will include a crisis management and contingency plan, physical and electronic security enhancements to minimise, control or eradicate any areas of risk to your assets.