Maritime Security

Providing a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the global need for risk management:

SSDS provide a full range of specialist maritime services in conjunction with our partners; Security issues to shipping & assets continue to increase across the world. Piracy is prevalent in many locations such as the Sea of Aden, Arabian Gulf, East and West Africa, areas around Asia and Central America.

Never has risk management and security been this important to shipping companies, ports and the maritime supply chain. In today’s unpredictable world there is undisputed evidence that indicate criminal and insurgent groups continually seek new ways to exploit the weaknesses in countries’ borders around developing countries and countries with internal security issues, and one of the most vulnerable to penetration is via sea trade. The importance of port and ship security is therefore paramount.

Globally the international community has responded to these new and damaging threats by increasing the regulatory environment and imposing more measures to prevent the interference of cargo in ports and at sea. International businesses and corporations involved in international shipping need therefore to ensure they are compliant with emerging regulations and that they implement risk management & security as an integral part of their operations and planning. We can show that there are significant commercial advantages in integrating maritime risk management & security into corporate planning.

Experienced SSDS maritime consultants will identify areas of risk or existing safety situations and vulnerabilities and enhance your operation processes by conducting detailed and focused risk assessments identifying new or existing problems and providing recommendations on ways of mitigating those risks utilizing the full range of experience and services we provide.

SSDS Maritime Capabilities

International Ship and Port Facility Services

  • Maritime Crisis Management
  • Maritime Contingency Planning
  • Port & Ship Exercices
  • Ship Security Assessments / analyze and Planning
  • Port Facility Security Assessments analyze and Planning
  • Auditing

Waterborne Security
  • Anchorage & Oilfield Security Protection
  • Waterborne Security Boat Handling
  • Exclusion Zone Enforcement
  • Economic Exclusion Zone Enforcement & Management
  • Coastal Protection & Interdiction
  • Anti-Piracy & Anti-Smuggling Operations – Provision of enhanced onboard security

Maritime Security Training Courses
  • Maritime Security Awareness
  • Incident Management & Crisis Response
  • Port Facility, Ship & Company Security Officer
  • Maritime Security Interdiction Operations
  • Maritime Security Operations Planning

Commercial and Private