Global Intelligence

The implications of not having the ability or information to protect your organisation, businesses, assets, personnel and reputation can problematic or even disastrous. Through the wrong decision, you could suffer significant financial loss or even bankruptcy; your facilities could be the target of criminal groups with assets stolen. Your personnel could become a target of kidnapping intended for financial gain or to extort business information, the list is endless and can be extreme.

In today’s sometimes volatile and challenging world, you are compelled to seek guidance that is sophisticated in ways of protecting yourself, your investments, personnel and reputation. Risk in today’s world has become increasingly less predictable and new and extreme risks are emerging daily. Individual businessmen, Energy companies, embassies & government departments multinational corporations, financial & insurance institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the need for a system that is focused and has the capability to provide accurate and precise commercially relevant, political, non-political, and economic intelligence along with the ability to provide the right solutions specific to the client’s requirements.

SSDS has an established network in place globally that can produce effective, accurate and predictive intelligence. SSDS combine all areas of information to cover a full range of subjects in areas such as, country logistics, travel warnings, political and economic risk, local and international security, organised criminal activates, terrorist activity in post-conflict environments, countries post civil unrest or in a state of emergency, to geographical & natural disaster locations.

The consequences to your business could be minimal or extreme if u do not have a system in place that allows you to foresee areas of risk to you or your business. SSDS recommend to potential clients that having this system in place is vital in insuring there business or operational stability wherever there businesses or operations are located. Our research and intelligence consultants provide defined and focused intelligence reports that will give our clients the ability and knowledge to be flexible and confident when making business or operational decisions.