Close Protection

In today’s unpredictable world, travelling diplomats, corporate executives, dignitaries, high-net-worth individuals, the media and celebrities are all in positions that create significant safety and security risks and all face the possibility of serious threat such as robbery, assault or ultimately kidnapping.

Assault and express kidnapping has increased dramatically over the last year in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and this is all due to the increased tensions we are witnessing globally today. Soft targets such as corporate executives, energy workers, NGO personnel and security personnel have all been the recipient of kidnapping for financial gain or for political leverage.

SSDS consultants combine there expertise, experience, technical knowledge and management skills to provide a bespoke service in close protection. Our unique system of combining multicultural bilingual specialists with previous careers within military units, private security agencies, intelligence, and academic personnel enables SSDS consultants to conduct their objectives more effectively.

We provide a safe environment in which you, your associates can focus on your business arrangements with the knowledge that all your security requirements are in place to minimise and control any unforeseen safety or security issues.

SSDS provide male and female close protection specialists globally, and depending on your requirements and the size of your travelling party full close protection teams or individual specialists can be deployed at short notice.

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