Surveillance service

Unfortunately in today’s unpredictable world institutions such as local and foreign embassies, Government departments, international corporations and multinational organisations are all under pressure to integrate new policies through risk management, in the challenging world of business today, the pace is relentless and vulnerabilities and areas of risk can easily be over looked. This provides the window of opportunity business rivalries, criminal individuals or organisations require to plan a physical or electronic attack against you. The objective is to infiltrate your systems to gather sensitive information, commit embezzlement, fraud, and in some cases implant devises that will provide access to your complete systems including your computers and servers.

SSDS provides protection by implementing a specifically designed surveillance system with revised policies, operational and logistical support to businesses and organisations with vulnerabilities and areas of risk they have located themselves through internal auditing or SSDS consultants have located through a surveillance assessment.
SSDS technical consultants can implement an independent effective surveillance system interfaced with your internal security systems, electronic and physical to locate, identify and provide the intelligence and support to protect your business, business reputation, assets and data.

We provide an independent consultancy service covering governmental, private and commercial entities and businesses requiring an operational assessment and professional advice on existing surveillance equipment if any, identifying vulnerable areas in surveillance capabilities and providing support, recommendation and implementation.