Travel Protection

SSDS provide a unique security service to travelling personnel, diplomats, corporate executives, dignitaries, high-net-worth individuals who are travelling with classified documents, currency, or attending business meetings in challenging environments post conflict countries or countries still in a state of civil unrest as seen in many regions today.

Not fully understanding the risks you take when travelling to challenging environments with inadequate security could lead to unforeseen consequences, security issues or without knowing you could even be court in the middle of a situation that can result in you being detained, such as a demonstration.

Criminal organisations, even opportunists specialise in identifying and selecting travellers that could possibly be carrying items of importance or value. Through a system called profiling these groups or individuals can build a profile about you without your knowledge, this can include your political standing, lifestyle, businesses, operations, religious believes, regular routes you take to your office, regular visits abroad, the list is endless.

SSDS provide security advisors to chaperone you when travelling fully advised in providing full support in challenging and developing countries including post conflict countries or countries still in a state of civil unrest. Our advisors are professional, discrete and provide you with the knowledge and peace of mind that you have someone is at your side to assist you whenever you need them to or in unforeseen circumstances.

Our Security advisors can travel globally from your place of business to your destination ensuring that you, your cargo if any arrive at your destination safely and conduct your business in a safe environment.

Please click here to download our Travel Security Presentation.