Crisis Management

Establishing a safe environment is our main objective in which you, your business partners and your associates can focus on your business objectives with the knowledge that your security, safety and if necessary evacuation requirements are in place and any form of risk or threat will be minimized, controlled or eradicated.

Crisis Management and contingency planning in conflict zones and countries that are continuously in a state of civil unrest or recognized as a dangerous environment requires stringent planning combining proactive procedures, response procedures, emergency and recovery procedures and evacuation plans, In an environment that is remote or deemed difficult or dangerous, the exposure to risk and safety situations including political, criminal or environmental situations can become a daily routine, bearing in mind that you can be at risk through a verity of reasons and not just through civil unrest or criminal activities, you can also take into account environmental disasters, disease outbreak, medical situations, fire or explosions, HSE issues the list is endless.

To effectively protect you, your business or operation and assets and keep you at the forefront of your field you need to implement a system to pre-empt any potential threat or safety issue. This crisis management system is efficient and effective through six divisions:

1. Safety - Risk and Medical Assessment / Analysis
2. Design a contingency plan specific to requirements & recommendations
3. The Implementation of the Plan and System
4. Security enhancements
5. Support and training
6. Crisis response / Electronic and manned & Medical

SSDS consultants can design contingency plans specific to your business or operational requirements, we will then implement that plan and support you through the whole process. SSDS consultants will provide the required assistance through monitoring and training your personnel to maintain the crisis management system through regular assessments and upgrades if required.