Information and Updates

Latest update: Open for business.

In late 2014 SSDS Risk Management was forced to downsize and restructure due to natural events in West and North Africa and the oil crash. Due to the vast Ebola epidemic raging in West Africa the WHO (World Health Organisation) had a state of emergency in many countries and with this borders were closed. This unfortunately cancelled two awaiting projects in Nigeria and Mali.

The oil crash caused the energy markets to drop to an all-time low with oil prices reaching their lowest cost in twenty years. This in turn caused a domino effect within oil companies and many support companies restructuring or closing. The oil markets crashing also ignited further civil unrest and conflict in many countries in the Middle East and especially Africa.

(Read the new up-to date extensive security reports covering the Middle East & Africa).

After restructuring SSDS risk management has managed to navigate through these difficult times researching and identifying new potential regions of development and the required risk & crisis management services in Africa.

Due to SSDS extensive experience within the Middle East and Africa and after six months research we have the new Travel security & kidnapping - commercial presentations along with the updated Middle East and African security reports. Please download these up to date extensively detailed reports at your own convenience and for a deeper insight or further information please contact us.