SSDS research and intelligence can provide specific and precise political and non-political risk intelligence covering a verity of subjects. These subjects vary from business to political and economic risk to organised criminal & political group activate local and international security to post-conflict, challenging and hostile environments to geographical disaster locations.

Through our established network of contacts, agencies, organisations, associations and in-country personnel can benefit from our experienced intelligence consultants who provide effective and specific reports to you that will assist in reducing or eradicating potential risks in your business or operational objectives.

Through our innovative approach to research and intelligence this division operates effectively combining three sections of intelligence, producing a wide range of reports to provide an accurate and pre-emptive product.

Information and the knowledge to predict a situation and having the ability to avoid prevent or eradicate a potential issue or dangerous situation is the key to being successful. SSDS intelligence covers all three sectors from Commercial - Private and Governmental. SSDS consultants can provide you with the information and facts to allow you to make the correct decisions thus protecting your interests.