Security Advisory & Protection

Assisting government entities, private organizations and international businesses.

SSDS consultants provide a security advisory service to government entities, private organizations and international businesses travelling too or operating in problematic countries and hostile environments. Our security advisory service is available to anyone seeking security advice on a specific country before travelling or a security consultant whilst travelling.

After an initial consultation where we discuss your visit or business objectives and we provide our recommendations, if requested we can deploy an individual security advisor or security team to your final destination and organize your visit to the region implementing security procedures and generally making preparations in time for your arrival.

Depending on your specific requirements and the location you are traveling to, one of our advisors will travel with you to your destination advising you as you travel on specifically related information and accurate intelligence and if necessary make recommendations while implementing security procedures on route to ensure your safety.

SSDS consultants will operate completely independently and be in contact with the local authorities of the country being visited thus providing the security support and information required when travelling to and operating in challenging and hostile regions.
Our security advisors are linked directly to each other through our network allowing us to provide you with the highest quality security & safety advice as well as effective solutions taking meticulous account of your specific requirements.

SSDS security advisory service also extends to clients with on-going business or operations in remote, hazardous or hostile locations.