PSD Protection

SSDS provide an essential protection service in support of military operations, humanitarian agencies, Non-Government organizations and commercial entities in the form of Personal Security Details. We provide this overt protection service where the environments you are conducting business or operations in is problematic or hostile and demands a more robust yet culturally attentive physical protection element.

SSDS security specialists have a wealth of experience from providing Close Protection in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Our security specialists are highly trained professionals who retain the knowledge, skills and ability to operate under extreme circumstances and are always fully equipped and prepared when operating in countries or regions deemed high-risk due to the security situation and threat level.

SSDS field personnel are specifically chosen with demonstrated field operational experience tempered with mature experience in both foreign and domestic requirements. This enables our consultants to provide the required level of protection in both a domestic capacity ( for example a high level meeting in a top London hotel) or an operational capacity such as providing your security while you are holding a country managers meeting on an oilrig site in West Africa.

SSDS protection team compositions range from all-expatriate staffed teams to a combination of expatriate and local nationals. The team composition also depends on the local legislation & law, the threat level in country at the time you wish to travel and your specific requirements.

After an initial consultation where we discuss your business trip its location and your requirements, if you decide you only require one protection consultant, we can provide a highly experienced independent protection consultant whose primary objective is your personal protection. Our consultant will be advising you whilst you travel while ensuring preplanned security measures at your destination and preparations if required are kept fully informed on your location and status.