Transit Security

Statistics show that hijacking, theft, kidnapping and armed attacks on vehicle’s in transit travelling to difficult regions and remote locations have become the main targets of criminal organisations looking to finance their activities in certain areas around the world.

If you are unprepared for unexpected situations it could have fatal consequences, it is widely know through the media that transit security is on the rise due to increased attacks on vehicles in transit in countries where they have limited or no response systems in place to counter these attacks.

The problem is many organizations, international companies choose to ignore or miss interpret the risk indicators, factors in their business or transit operations especially in remote or deprived regions due to inaccurate or limited country information or overhead/cost reduction. This opens a window of opportunity for criminal groups to plan their activates unchallenged.

SSDS security consultants integrate operational intelligence which is synchronised with a prearranged set of responsive security measures when transporting high value equipment and currency including payroll distribution.

Full risk assessments, intelligence review is included in the initial planning of any transit move weather by land or sea, the second phase is the implementation of the recommended physical security enhancements and support that meet the your specific requirements.

SSDS provides highly trained security specialists with exceptional skills and experience in transiting valuable cargo (Precious metals), high value equipment or personnel by land or sea overseen and tracked by sophisticated tracking equipment.