About Us

SSDS was originally established by Risk Management/Crisis response expert and Counter terrorism consultant Mr Carl Moon after completing an in-depth survey of the global security situation post 9/11 and more recently the civil unrest and extensive upsurge in extremist groups creating conflict instability and security issues in many parts of the world today. Carl (SSDS Managing Director) brings with him an extensive wealth of global Risk & Crisis management experience gained over a thirty year operational career operating globally side by side with British, US and European militaries, the UN and Department of Defence (DOD) intelligence agencies along with specific international special units within global conflict zones and the most challenging, problematic and ethnically divided countries.

Carl is a licensed specialist in Risk & Crisis Management, consulting and instructing with a wide range of qualifications and accreditations to his name, Carl has extensive experience in the Government/private and commercial sector.

As SSDS Risk Management became established Carl brought on board a number of well-known operationally proven and trusted special operators to facilitate with the full and diverse range of services available to governments, agencies the international market that require a discreet but higher professional standard of service previously available.

The world we live in has changed, new and potentially hazardous and sometimes dangerous threats are emerging and the international community must adapt to eradicate and challenge these threats to provable in today’s global market. SSDS is aware of the growing need for security, safety and specialised risk management planning in today’s world and for the foreseeable future.

SSDS is not just a Risk Management company; we are a Security & safety implementation company with Peacekeeping and stability Operations capabilities, SSDS can assist with the development and implementation or completely design specific to your business or operation security and safety systems. Policies and procedures internal or external are designed to meet your business or operation requirements and implemented to protect you your business assets and personnel. SSDS has the ability to provide logistical and Operational support to a wide range of clients. We support your requirements through our extensive range of Risk management services and established network of dedicated security, safety specialists and advisors.

We comprehend the strategic and political risks facing governments, NGO’s and international corporations today, they can be extremely complex and continuously evolving with very few situations ever the same. Through the experience of our consultants and advisers we recognise and understand the different areas and type of risk allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of innovative turnkey solutions together with an extensive range of pre-emptive and responsive security and safety solutions.

The Risk Management services we provide are innovative and directly focused on the specific information, and requirements of our clients through five divisions: Management - Intelligence - Operations - Technical Services and Training, we listen to your plans, your objectives first and then combined with the extensive knowledge, capabilities and experience of our personnel allows us to provide the highest quality advice and services to our clients.

SSDS management team’s substantial experience in risk management derives from successful carriers within the UK and international Military units and security services. Our consultants are supported by multinational personnel specifically chosen from a verity of national and international backgrounds for their individual field of expertise. Combining security specialists from mixed cultures enables us to provide a comprehensive and wide range of realistic and effective services to our clients.