Convoy Security

Government & commercial entities require specifically focused and accurate detailed information on the stability and local security when transporting equipment, humanitarian aid or high value cargo. This information is an important part of operational planning and is synchronised with pre-emptive and responsive security measures when traveling in developing countries or remote locations in post conflict countries.

Statistics show that hijacking, theft and armed attacks on vehicles in transit traveling through difficult and hostile environments have become the main targets of criminal organizations and terrorist groups looking to finance further activities. It is widely know through media reporting and intelligence gathering that areas in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America are all countries that have seen an increase in criminal or Para Military activity in recent months.

SSDS provide a Convoy Escort Services in some of the world’s most hostile countries. Our convoy escort service is effective and a pre-emptive security measure minimizing your exposure to a criminal or insurgent incident when transporting valuable cargo to destinations in challenging or problematic locations in countries with ongoing security issues.

Our convoy security specialists are highly trained and all process exceptional skills and experience from operating in changing environments. SSDS convoy team compositions range from all-expatriate staffed teams to a combination of expatriate and local nationals depending on the clients specific requirements.

All cargo transported by SSDS is overseen and tracked by sophisticated tracking equipment allowing SSDS to provide our clients with regular reports on the location and status of their cargo while in transit.

In the event you choose to transport your cargo using a specific shipping provider and transportation provider you have previously used in the country your cargo is being shipped to. SSDS can supply consultants to travel with your shipment from any pick up point globally to its destination providing the required security measures to safeguard against any criminal incident, with daily updates whilst in transit.