Unfortunately this is the reality of today, and international companies, individuals and government entities operating in or traveling through challenging and hostile environments all provide continuous opportunity for potential risk. With this in mind, it is imperative that the risks are minimized, controlled or eradicated by totally being prepared for unexpected or extreme situations mentally, and through Crisis Management preparation.

SSDS provide logistical and Operational support through our extensive range of Crisis Management and operational services provided by an established network of dedicated security specialists and advisors.

Political risks internal or external, civil unrest and security issues, medical outbreaks and natural disasters, these are all day to day risks international organizations, foreign businesses not forgetting the indigenous population face today in developing, remote or countries with security issues , These situations are often extremely complex and continuously evolving with very few situations ever the same.

SSDS consultants provide a comprehensive range of innovative turnkey solutions together with an extensive range of pre-emptive operational support services providing a protective cordon around your business or operation irrespective of the country you are operating in.