Country Profiling / Location Survey

International organisations and private businesses tendering and conducting business globally, governments providing support or jointly introducing there international policies, NGO’S providing humanitarian assistance, businessmen travelling to areas previously or still in a state of civil unrest the list is endless. In all the specified areas listed they all require detailed up to date information and recommendations providing accurate detailed information providing the decision makers the knowledge to make those decisions.

SSDS consultants conduct country profiling or security surveys of the countries that you have ongoing projects in or you wish to travel on business to. Depending on your requirements all surveys conducted are adaptable to suit your line of business. For example if you wish to proceed with a new project or operate in a challenging or remote country, Our location security survey takes into account a number of sources such as the geographical location, country terrain, environmental issues, logistics, transportation, local security, political conflict, terrorists or criminal organisations, emergency response, insurance, embassy assistance and direct points of contact with influential persons highlighted in the country of interest.

SSDS consultants with extensive experience globally and provide a number of Business relocation profiles, Full country profiles, operationally specific or location security profiles.