Operational Services

SSDS specialise in the identification, analysis and mitigation of safety and risk. We provide a focused, innovative and pre-emptive approach to safety and security through a broad range of safety systems, specific to your business.

As security risks continue to increase globally, governments local and internationally, international companies, energy groups, travelling businessmen and the media are all realizing the need for integrated sophisticated pre-emptive security solutions. They are constantly searching for the right companies with the experience, expertise to deliver the required integrated security solutions that will protect and sustain their businesses, operations, personnel, assets and profitability.

In today’s challenging environment SSDS provide the expertise, experience, technical knowledge and management skills through our unique innovative approach and operational procedures. Our success and strength is personnel driven and by combining multinational bilingual security specialists, we have established a unique integrated system with a multicultural influence. This enables SSDS to develop and provide the right combination, implementation of safety & security solutions through a broad range of services that will minimise or eradicate any existing or potential safety or security situations.

SSDS consultants can analyse your requirements and design and develop specific to your business, safety & security solutions that meet your specific needs through a comprehensive range of services.