Asset Protection

SSDS consultants have a wealth of experience in the field of asset protection through being operational in some of the world’s most challenging environments. This includes Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and South America where civil unrest can erupt at any given time and in a handful of countries law and order is in turmoil.

Criminal group activities have increased dramatically recently especially in developing countries and countries with civil or political issues as reported daily by the media. These criminal groups utilize the countries instability and lack of internal response and support as an umbrella to shield their activities, they have become increasingly less predictable and can target you’re facilities and assets with limited intervention and no reprisal. The implications of not being prepared by having inadequate or no security at all could see your facilities and assets being the recipient of a well-planned attack with partial or complete loss of equipment causing significant financial loss to your business or operations.

If you are in business or operational in a developing, remote country or a country that has been deemed dangerous due to internal security issues the security of your company and assets are of the utmost importance and vital if you are to meet your business or contractual obligations.

Through a risk assessment our consultant will provide a detailed report that will identify areas of risk and potential risk and include vulnerabilities in your facilities, physical assets, and high value equipment on static locations. With our assessment we will provide recommendations taking in to account your requirements and resources available to you in country. Then if requested we will plan and design specific to your business or operation a security system and implement pre-emptive security procedures combining manned and electronic security enchantments.