SSDS mobile training team provide the highest level of training through a broad range of training programs. Our instructors provide predesigned training programs or if requested will specifically design sophisticate training programs to meet your business or operational requirements. SSDS have designed these programs for government and law enforcement personnel, private security groups, and individual security specialists and provided security awareness training to Operational managers, corporate executives and media personnel in South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Through our extensive and intense training programs SSDS will ensure you receive the highest level of training in your specific course, providing you with the knowledge and confidence for you to complete your operational or commercial objectives. SSDS mobile training units, individual instructors can deploy nationally or internationally within 24 hours notice provide the training programs you require at your own facilities, offices, or operational compounds. SSDS instructors are highly skilled from previous carriers in Military units, International Security agencies and Medical sectors allowing us to provide our clients with the highest level of training available.

Training courses in support of the corporate sector:

  • Security Awareness Course: This course teaches personal security and awareness regarding the environment you work and live in, and possible areas of risk. This course is recommended to CEO’s, executives, corporate staff including static guards.
  • HSE Awareness Course: This course aims to provide management and supervisory staff with a better understanding of the techniques that can be used to encourage health and safety attitudes. The course covers all activities/processes associated with your business and all your personnel or any third party organization or personnel (e.g. consultants) associated with your business activities. This course will be of benefit to all employees, in particular safety representatives, supervisors and managers responsible for promoting positive health, safety and environmental attitudes in staff.
  • Crisis Management Course: This course is designed for executives, country or regional managers, operational managers and security managers to effectively manage a crisis situation.
  • Static Guard Force Course: Theory and practical training to provide the necessary skills and knowledge that will enable you to meet your operational objectives by implementing the level of security required of the business, compound or area being protected.
  • Medical Courses: SSDS provides medical training at basic first aid – intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Surveillance Course: This course teaches awareness, detection, and identification of surveillance being used against you or your organisation.
  • Advanced Driving Course: Teaches advanced driving techniques including defensive and evasive driving, off road and recovery techniques and breakdowns.
  • Close Protection Courses: Teaches basic, intermediate and advanced close protection to individual security personnel or operational teams. (Includes optional firearms module).

  • Unfortunately, for security reasons detailed information is limited on selected advanced courses, SSDS security consultants require an initial consultation to address your individual or organisation training requirements.