Risk Assessment & Analyst

Periodic risk assessments are essential for international businesses or Government entities operating in remote, challenging or problematic countries. A detailed risk assessment can pinpoint any vulnerability within your business or operation and surrounding it such as safety issues, security problems and criminal activity and medical situations like a disease outbreak.

Operating in countries with limited infrastructure, social issues and logistical problems is time consuming at best and creates a whole range of issues and sometimes problems you have to be one step ahead of. It’s easy when your time is full due to business requirements and obligations to oversee risk and safety factors and vulnerabilities within your business or operation.

Across the board irrespective of your business or operational commitments, when operating in countries with limited resources such as developing countries you and your personnel will be vulnerable to significant levels of risk from HSE issues, ssecurity problems, medical situations and sometimes visa or entry & exit problems the list is endless.

Risk assessment is an integral part of the crisis management system and provides focused detailed information informing you on regular bases areas that need attention or action to be taken depending on the situation. Through a detailed risk assessment SSDS consultants will be able to identify any vulnerability, areas of potential risk associated with you, your personnel and business or operational ventures in country, providing the knowledge and ability to address issues highlighted.