As security issues worldwide continue to increase news crews, business travelers, traveling diplomats, international organizations and companies operating in countries or regions where the exposure to risk or threat is a daily routine, it is essential to be fully prepared for those unexpected or unforeseen circumstances by being covered by the right insurance policies. Your insurance should take into account your location, age and medical background, the stability in country of where you work and the type of work you do, listed is an idea of the criteria your insurance should be based on.

It’s irrelevant if you are operational with an international company or running a business in a developing country or challenging environment with limited resources it’s imperative that you are covered medically and financially in the event of a medical situation or an incident involving your facility and assets.

Operating in association with world renowned brokers in civil unrest, war and terrorism insurance enables SSDS to provide a full and comprehensive range of insurance policies addressing a verity of circumstances. Through our associations SSDS has instant access to a number of highly skilled underwriters ready to view your specific requirements and provide the insurance you require suited to your circumstances and location you are traveling to.

SSDS provide a range of insurance capabilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Personal accident and life insurance for individual persons operating in remote, challenging and hostile environments.
  • Personal Life insurance for short business trips to remote, dangerous or hostile countries.
  • Group personal accident insurance for commercial entities including the media operating in remote or hostile environments.
  • Liability insurance cover for security consultants and related personnel operating in hostile environments.
  • Kidnap, extortion and detention insurance for commercial entities and security professionals operating in remote, dangerous or hostile countries.
  • Medical insurance for commercial entities and security professionals operating in i remote, dangerous or hostile countries.
  • High-value equipment or related cargo in transit by Land Sea or air.
  • High-value equipment based or stored in country.

Further information and details on our range of insurance policies to suit your requirements is available on request.