Country Profiling

Country profiling is a proven system designed to provide Government entities, international businesses and humanitarian agencies wishing to expand their business or start new projects either independently or jointly with the government of the country of interest with a detailed country survey before committing to opening a business, starting a new project or commencing any form of operation in developing countries, challenging environments or problematic locations.

SSDS country profiling is essential to understand the advantages & disadvantages of the country you are interested in, profiling takes into account a comprehensive range of information covering commercial interests, Governmental interests including the local and regional security situation in country, points of contact within your national embassy and medical capabilities in the country, infrastructure and logistical issues including country terrain, transportation and emergency response availability.

SSDS consultants will highlight the current working environment and conditions in which you can operate in the country of interest, Identify vulnerable areas your business or operation could be exposed to setting up your business or project

Through our survey SSDS consultants will propose recommendations to enhance your safety and security and provide local awareness to you and if required your staff. This will include the immediate and surrounding environments, in order that your personnel have the opportunity to conduct your business effectively in an appropriate manner and, in an environment they will have basic knowledge off.

Table of Contents of a Country Profile Assessment:

General Function
Table of Contents
Brief Country Description
The Threat & Recent Activity
The Political & Current Security Situation
Natural Disasters

Commercial Information:
Letter of Invitation / Entry Exit requirements
Visa Requirements
Hospitals / Special Medication & Vaccinations
Travel / Medical insurance & Evacuation availability
National Embassy / Representative Details\
UN or NGO agencies in country
Currency used & Currency restrictions
Banks used for external / internal transactions
Communication in country / phones
Local Transportation
Airports / Sea Ports
Major cities & towns
Public Holidays
Ethnicity / Race / Language
Local Laws / Police / Military
Weather conditions & Country Terrain

All our surveys and assessments are carried out to the highest standards and confidentiality.