Personnel Vetting

When you choose to invest in your future with SSDS you become part of our team together we have a duty of care not just to you but also to your staff and your complete business network.

Risks come in a verity of forms and can target you or your business in areas you would not normally predict or expect. A colleague, a director in your organisation, in reality anyone who is close to you or associated with you can hide a past that can damage your business reputation or even worse a business competitor, rivalries or criminal organisation trying to damage your business or tender opportunity. There are a number of reasons you or anyone close to you or associated to you could find themselves targeted for instance your Business success, business and contractual obligations your political and religious believes , your politics , your nationality or your wealth could all be a factor.

Personnel vetting is a pre-emptive message to minimise any potential risks to you and your business efficiency. Through personal security surveys we can ascertain any risks or potential threat-identifying individuals, or staff members that could be a potential target. Together we can assess their schedules, their activities to identify vulnerabilities which can be used in damaging you or your business reputation.