Contingency Planning

Contingency planning is an important part of crisis management that in turn is a vital part of risk management. Being fully prepared for any unexpected situations, risks or safety threats will give you, your personnel peace of mind and help your business run more efficiently. Also through the knowledge of having established contingency plans in place you minimise risk to your business, business assets and personnel whatever the circumstances.

In a rapidly changing world, the exposure to risk, safety threats including political or environmental situations can be a daily routine, bearing in mind that you can be at risk through a verity of reasons and not just through criminal or terrorist activities, you can also take into account environmental disasters, disease outbreak, medical situations, fire or explosions, HSE issues the list is endless.

The use of technology together with a tailored contingency plan and the implementation of certain precautions will minimise your exposure and provide the required support services to allow you to meet your business or operational objectives.
SSDS specialists are involved from the initial planning stages to ensure that all risk and associated operational, safety and security measures are considered and thoroughly addressed. Utilising the five stages of crisis management we will develop an effective contingency plan together with your personnel covering the recommendations highlighted by a in-depth detailed risk and safety assessment.

This process requires continuous monitoring and training, and if requested SSDS specialists will train your personnel covering the four elements: Information, Communication, Equipment, and Training, thus allowing you to manage upgrade your own system.