Security Briefings

SSDS security briefings are of vital importance and a significant part of the intelligence cycle. These briefings are focused and subject based on a specific situation issue or business/operation objective. Our specific security reports provide businessmen, international companies with investments, assets or operations in challenging, remote and unstable or potentially unstable environments with accurate and up to date intelligence.

Our security briefings are essential for our clients and their in-house security to stay informed on specific situations, developing situations of concern and international security risk areas in general, including post-conflict environments still active and geographical hostile environments still in a state of conflict.

SSDS security briefings will specify what criminal organisation or political groups are operating in the specific country of interest along with detailed information on bordering countries with deep routed issues or civil unrest problems. Up-to-date information on situations like kidnappings and all risk related subjects is also provided with recommendations and safety advice, and depending on the requirements of our client, Security briefings can be daily or weekly and are designed to be flexible to enable our clients to plan accordingly.