Technical Services

Statistics show that over the last few years and more recently national and International corporations, businesses including Energy groups and Governments operating in developing countries and remote locations have all reviewed there security policies and implemented revised Risk & Crisis management procedures due to the increasing global unrest. Unfortunately, this has not always been successful and in recent month’s businesses, corporations, and organisations have all seen an upsurge in civil unrest or have been the recipient of organised criminal activities such as fraud and corruption with assets damaged or destroyed, personnel assaulted or sometimes kidnapped.

Through a broad range of technical services SSDS has the capability to deliver effective pre-emptive and responsive security measures that will prevent, control or eradicate criminal and terrorist activities against your organisation or business. Our specialists have a vast amount of experience in this specific field from operational experiences in developing countries and have the ability to provide the necessary services independently or in unison with your own security provider. SSDS maintains an exceptionally high level of client confidentially and provides you with fully impartial solutions specifically designed to match your specific requirement through a range of technical capabilities that include but are not limited to:

  • Crisis management and contingency planning.
  • Physical security measures.
  • Surveillance and counter-surveillance.
  • Video and CCTV operations and audio intelligence gathering.
  • Covert asset and key personal tracking.
  • Technical Electronic Counter-measures.
  • Training and technical support.