Screening Services

SSDS provide a screening service providing the information that enables you to make the correct decisions when employing new members of staff or entering into new projects with other companies. In the challenging world we live in today commercially and governmentally international corporations and businesses all require a system that provides a level of effective protection against potentially fraudulent employees or vendors.
SSDS screening service is an essential part of risk management and conducted successfully can provide protection to your integrity and reputation through requiring information that allows you to make the correct decisions. Through this program SSDS consultants are able to provide an efficient reliable service that allows SSDS to perform various levels of screening to suit all businesses and organisations.

SSDS provide two core subjects of screening: Employment Screening & Integrity Screening.

Employment screening provides checks relating to:

  • Verifying academic and professional qualifications.
  • A detailed employment and reference check.
  • In unison with the applicant, providing a criminal records check through the (CRB).
  • A detailed credit referencing and bankruptcy check.

Integrity Screening provides information relating to:
Integrity vetting service is designed to provide you with short, efficient and economically produced reports on prospective corporations and organizations. Our specialists draw on the resources of primarily public-domain information combined with selective referencing, where appropriate to check the background and associations of your potential business partners. This service provides you with the intelligence that allows you to view the integrity of the potential business corporation or organization thus protecting your business, business reputation from potential risk.