Commercial & Private Services Overview

It goes without saying that operating and conducting business in today’s world commercially or governmentally comes with difficulties and sometimes extreme challenges, in fact any international company with business activities or operations in challenging or difficult environments need to be aware of the potential risks and safety factors involved. The safety of your personnel, assets and facilities is of paramount importance to the success of your business, so taking every precaution to ensure a safe working practice locally or in potentially volatile areas of the World, is something we pay particular attention to.

When conducting business or projects in challenging environments that may present significant challenges safety issues or risk to your operation and personnel, it is paramount to understand the country culture and background of the country you wish to operate in. It is also your obligation to consider the effects if any your business or operations will encounter from the political and security environment along with business rivalries. It is also of vital importance to the success of your business or operations that you consider the elements natural or unnatural that could hinder or disrupt your projects.

Attention to every detail is taken in evaluating all the risks associated with your business and its location. This process takes into account the immediate environment, political stability of the country, health risks, crime, resources, environmental dangers, security/HSE of the facilities, medical accessibility, financial issues etc, taking every step possible to provide you with the necessary information that will allow your business to make the right decisions when being established or policy renewal.

Our commitment does not end there as we commit 100% to constantly evaluating and monitoring your business or operation. SSDS Risk Management personnel oversee and implement systems that include a comprehensive crisis management/ contingency plan, electronic and physical security measures, Health and Safety procedures, and if necessary, Medical and awareness training. The Risk Management role is a continuous one, constantly monitoring and staying ahead of any potential safety situation or risk to highlight possible vulnerabilities.