K&R Services

SSDS provide an innovated risk consultancy service against kidnap & ransom, extortion, and detention. In today’s problematic and hostile environments the risk of kidnap is more extreme in parts of Asia and the Middle East, Africa and South America countries, unfortunately these incidents are not just limited to the countries mentioned but globally and the list of high-risk countries is constantly changing as we are witnessing today. 

Experience and intelligence show us the people involved with hijacking, piracy or kidnapping are predominantly highly motivated organized criminal or terrorist groups intending to generate high media coverage outlining their political aims or previous atrocities or purely financial gain to finance further activities. The impact a criminal attack or kidnapping under these circumstances is devastating and has to be addressed efficiently and effectively.

In the unfortunate event of a kidnapping or hijacking SSDS consultant’s utmost priority is the safety of the hostage. Our main objective is to assist in securing the hostages safe release with minimum disruption and emotional devastation and financial loss to the family.

SSDS consultants act independently providing a comprehensive range of solutions that includes a total independent advisory service. Our solutions provide risk mitigation, responsive measures and financial cover that enable you to reduce your exposure to risk and minimize the impact of an incident.

Unless authorized otherwise, a SSDS consultant’s role is strictly advisory and acts as a filtering point to all the respective parties involved organising, and setting procedures in motion in an extremely difficult time. Our consultants advise local governments, agencies, apply pressure for diplomatic involvement, and assist the designated communicator while providing the necessary support to the hostage’s family.

SSDS would be pleased to discuss this sensitive subject and the options available on a one to one consultation.